Pub & Snug

Pub & Snug

Dine in the snug, a private room off the main bar that can seat up to 12 adults. Ideal for a family gathering or group of friends.

Larkins Snug

A small partitioned room with a hatch separated but still within the pub.

Wood is the primary material and seats 8 to 10 people

A bit useless Information!!

The dictionary definition of a snug: “a small private room or compartment in a pub”
Snugs were first built in Irish pubs in the early to middle 19th Century. It was a place where the wealthy went for the privacy. But, it was not only the well off visitors who would use these rooms. The snug was for patrons who preferred not to be seen in the public bar. Ladies would often enjoy a private drink in the snug in a time when it was frowned upon for ladies to be in a pub. The local police officer would stop in for a quiet pint, the parish priest would stop by for his evening whiskey, and lovers would use the snug for their clandestine visits.

Kansas City Irish Fest defines The Snug as this:
A fun, Fest-elegant, comfortable place for you and your friends to gather, gab and gulp away from the crowds – but not far from the music! The Snug is a private club where you enjoy NO lines for drinks or the loo. You have amenities such as room to move, tables in the shade, a porch area overlooking the Boulevard Stage, catered food, and private bar and bathroom